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Grace Wish List

Grace Wish List Overview

The Grace Wish List is a collection of what we believe to be our most significant campus needs. Your contributions toward these needs will help Grace University attract some of the finest young people in the country to our campus and will provide greater stability and security to the future of Grace.

Your investment(s) will result in immeasurable, long-term gains in the transformation of the many students who are trained here and in the lives of those they will serve. 
If you are interested in helping Grace University acquire any of the items listed below, please contact Dorothy Urwin, Donor Services Administrator at (402) 449-2941

Three (3) New Testament Reference Books

A Greek-English Lexicon

Authors - Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, Roderick McKenzie, Henry Stuart Jones
Publication Date - July 1996
Publisher - Clarendon
ISBN-13 - 9780198642268
List Price - $150.00

* Canvasses Greek literature broadly, important for understanding how the biblical writers showed connections to the ideas of their audience.

A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (3rd edition)

Authors - William Arndt, Walter Bauer, Frederick W. Danker
Publication Date - December 2000
Publisher – University of Chicago
ISBN-13 - 9780226039336
List Price - $140.00

* Focuses on NT and Christian literature specifically (hence the title) and is important for accurate translation and interpretation of the New Testament.

The Anchor Bible Dictionary

Author - David Noel Freedman (Editor)
Publication Date - June 1992
Publisher - Bantam Dell Pub Group
ISBN-13 - 9780385425834
List Price - $390.00 (I've seen it for less on

* After 15 years this dictionary is still one of the best references for important doctrines and concepts in the Bible and in the field of Biblical Studies.

Greek manuscript known as Vaticanus for the library and teaching Greek

  • Price - approximately $6770 with current exchange rate

*Considered by most scholars to be the most important Greek manuscript in existence. It would definitely help with teaching Greek and might also be useful for other professors and classes.

Grewcock Library

Need to add accessories such as silk trees and plants, lamps, display tables and decorative items to complete the look of our newly renovated Grewcock Library $2,000.

Security Department

A vehicle for security. A pickup or SUV 4 wheel drive would be preferred because of the height to see over other vehicles and greater mobility in the snow. Replacement for a used 2001 approximately $15,000.00

Commercial rated 4 wheel drive diesel tractor with cab, snow blade, heater and accessories. John Deere price $22,000.00

We are in desperate need of an additional storage facility. An extension on the Facility Service building at approximately $65,000.00


CSC, Maintenance, and Housekeeping

New carts

Athletic Department Strength Training Center

High Range

We need to replace the worn out cardiovascular equipment, things like a treadmill (we are currently replacing one, but the other 3 need to be replaced as well), two recumbent bikes, and a stair stepper. This equipment, when purchased as industrial grade, all range from $3,000 to $5,000.

The flooring in the cardiovascular room needs to be replaced. We would like to replace it with rubber flooring - approximately $2000.

In the Circuit Training Center, we need a high/low pulley machine - approximately $3500 and a Leg Curl machine - approximately $2000

Mid Range

We need things like an adjustable bench - $360, a roman chair - $350, seated curl - $350, adjustable dumb bells - $350, Medicine Balls with rack - $250

Low Range

Pulley attachments: ranging from $20 to $60, Wall charts - $30 per chart, weight belts - $25 per belt, stretch bands - $10 per box.

Renovations of Tschetter Academic Building Classrooms

Some of the rooms are quite large and with small classes the students can feel overwhelmed by the space.

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